Heated Floors

Schluter-DITRA and Schluter-DITRA-XL

Specifically designed as an underlayment for ceramic and stone tile

Ceramic and stone tiles are durable, easy to maintain, and hygienic, representing the ideal surface coverings. However, today’s lightweight construction methods can make the installation of hard surface coverings particularly challenging. In order to protect the integrity of the tile assembly, an underlayment that performs multiple functions is required.

Schluter-DITRA and Schluter-DITRA-XL are specifically designed to allow the installation of ceramic and stone tile over any even and load-bearing substrate. The integration of four functions—uncoupling, waterproofing, load-distribution, and vapor management—makes consistent results viable through the use of Schluter-DITRA or DITRA-XL.

Every substrate presents unique challenges

Radiant heating is one of the fastest growing market segments in the construction industry. Unlike other surface coverings, the low thermal resistivity of ceramic and stone tiles allows them to be used in radiant heat applications without sacrificing the energy efficiency of the system. However, there are inherent challenges in combining rigid surface coverings with radiant panel heating systems.

A viable installation system must address the magnified fluctuations in temperature that contribute to increased shear stresses between the heated assembly and the tile covering. The system must also limit thermal striping by promoting even heat distribution and protect the assembly from moisture, which is particularly important when gypsum concrete is used as the thermal mass.


Differential movement stresses are magnified in radiant heated floor applications because of significant temperature gradients. Schluter-DITRA/ Schluter-DITRA-XL’s uncoupling function protects the ceramic or stone tile covering by neutralizing the differential movement stresses between the heated assembly and the tile, thus eliminating the major cause of cracking and delaminating of the tiled surface.


Schluter-DITRA/ Schluter-DITRA-XL’s waterproofing function provides simple, effective, and permanent protection for moisture-sensitive substrates, such as gypsum concrete and wood, used in heated floor applications.

Vapor Management

The open rib structure of the Schluter-DITRA/ Schluter-DITRA-XL matting allows the residual moisture in the substrate to escape. This is particularly important for gypsum concrete since it must dry in order to gain strength. In addition, the free space beneath the matting limits thermal striping by promoting even heat distribution throughout the assembly.

Support/ Load Distribution

Since Schluter-DITRA and Schluter-DITRA-XL are virtually incompressible within the tile assembly, the advantages of uncoupling are achieved without sacrificing point load distribution capabilities.

Schluter-DITRA and Schluter-DITRA-XL provide a reliable installation system that allows the integration of radiant heat and rigid surface coverings, enabling the tile contractor to take advantage of this rapidly growing market segment.

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