1. Select DILEX-KSA according to tile thickness.

2. Using a notched trowel, apply thin-set mortar over the area where the profile is to be placed.

3. Remove film from self-adhesive backing strip on DILEX-KSA.

4. Press the perforated anchoring leg of the profile into the mortar and adjust it securely against the existing building elements.

5. Trowel additional thin-set mortar over the perforated anchoring leg to ensure full coverage and support of the tile edges.

6. Solidly embed the tiles and align flush with the top of the profile.

7. A joint of approx. 1/16" - 1/8" (1.5 mm - 3 mm) should be left between the tile and the profile.

8. Fill the joint completely with grout or setting material.