Heated Floors

Tiled floors are ideal for any room in the home. But when you add warmth to your tiled floor, you add a touch of luxury that brings your flooring experience to a whole new level. Imagine bare feet walking across a nice cozy floor that also has all the benefits associated with tile. An allergen-free floor covering, tile is available in endless designs, colors, and sizes, and offers easy-maintenance too.

When properly installed, a heated tile floor is practically indestructible. To protect the integrity of your investment, tiles need to be protected from multiple angles: from underneath, at perimeters and transitions, and within large expansions.


The frequent fluctuations in temperature caused by a floor warming system lead to more expansion and contraction of materials in the floor assembly. These frequent changes create greater movement stresses in the tile covering and increase the need for uncoupling. Existing installation methods require the installation of two separate systems – a floor warming system and an uncoupling system.

DITRA-HEAT is the only system that provides floor warming and uncoupling in a single layer. Uncoupling refers to the act of preventing any movement and stress that occurs in the subfloor from transferring through to the tile above, thus preventing cracked tiles and grout.

1. Uncoupling and waterproofing membrane: Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT

With the matting specifically designed to allow for the DITRA-HEAT-E-HK heating cables to be snapped into place, the DITRA-HEAT membrane provides the same effective uncoupling protection as DITRA to prevent cracked tiles and grout. Made of polyethylene, DITRA-HEAT also serves as a waterproofing layer that protects moisture-sensitive substrates, such as plywood/OSB. Free-space on the underside of the matting provides a route for excess moisture and vapor to prevent damage to the tile layer above. DITRA-HEAT performs all these functions while still providing adequate support/load distribution for the tile covering.


Uncoupling membrane specifically designed for DITRA-HEAT-E-HK electric floor heating cables

2. Electric heating cables: Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT-E-HK

With the DITRA-HEAT electric floor warming system, cables can be snapped into place, with no clips or fasteners required. The entire tile floor can be heated, or cables can be placed to create customized heating zones. Cables are held securely within the DITRA-HEAT mat, so no self-leveling compounds are needed to encapsulate the heating cables. The installer has complete flexibility on where the cables are placed so every installation is customized to suit the exact requirements of the owner. And instead of waiting for a leveling compound to set, tile installation can begin immediately, resulting in a much faster installation.


Floor heating cables used with DITRA-HEAT membrane

3. Digital Thermostats: Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT-E-RT

With programmable and non-programmable thermostats, you can control your electric floor warming system any way you want. The thermostats feature a 5 mA built-in ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) with indicator light, and a floor temperature sensor is included with each thermostat.


Programmable touchscreen thermostat for the DITRA-HEAT system

Movement Joints

Movement joints are an integral part of any tile assembly. The various components of a tile assembly (tile, mortar, substrate, etc.) expand and contract according to each component’s intrinsic physical properties with changes in moisture, temperature, and loading, resulting in internal stresses. Schluter®-Systems’ prefabricated movement joint profiles protect tile edges and prevent sound bridges and surface water penetration, resulting in a permanent, maintenance-free installation.

Transition Profiles

Because ceramic and stone tiles are inherently brittle, their exposed edges can chip and crack if left unprotected. Transitions between floor surfaces and at thresholds are particularly vulnerable to damage. Schluter®-Profiles provide edge protection and transitioning at thresholds and between adjacent surfaces, resulting in durable, maintenance-free tiled coverings.

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