Resilient surface edging profile with rounded reveal

Schluter®-VINPRO™-RO is a finishing and edging profile for resilient covering (e.g., LVT) installations on stairs and outside wall corners of resilient surfaces. The reveal of the profile forms a symmetrically rounded corner along the surface edge.
  • Prevents resilient surface coverings from chipping
  • Creates beautiful accents and design options for wall applications
  • Available in anodized aluminum in three finish colors more less

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Schluter®-VINPRO™ -ROis a finishing and edging profile for resilient floor covering (e.g. LVT) installations on stairs and outside wall corners. The profile is available in anodized aluminum. VINPRO-RO features a tapered anchoring leg, with unique holes spaced evenly along the length of the profile for use with fasteners. The anchoring leg can also be bonded to the substrate using adhesive such as Schluter-KERDI-FIX. The top of the profile features a symmetrically rounded edge with 1/4” (6 mm) radius. The profile extends in both directions to hide the exposed edge of the resilient surface and the subassembly.

Schluter resilient surface covering profiles require no special maintenance or care and are resistant to mold and fungi. Clean profiles using neutral cleaning agents. For anodized aluminum, do not use abrasive or strong alkaline cleaning agents.

1. Select the profile according to resilient covering thickness. It is recommended to choose a profile height up to a 0.5 mm greater than the covering thickness.

2. Place the profile in its desired position and mark the edges of the profile onto the substrate.

3.a. Adhesive Installation Apply Schluter®-KERDI-FIX or an equivalent adhesive to the backside of the anchoring leg, according to the manufacturer's installation instructions. Press the anchoring leg onto the substrate and align to the desired position. Be sure to remove any excess adhesive promptly.

b. Fastened Installation Align the profile in the desired position and fasten to the substrate through the holes in the anchoring leg. Recommended screw: #6 / M3.5 flat head screws, minimum length - 3/4""(19 mm). Be sure to install the fasteners so that the screw head is flush with the anchoring leg surface, preventing it from transferring through to the finished surface.

For concrete substrates: The use of anchors is recommended. First, place the profile in its desired position and mark the hole locations onto the substrate. Next, drill pilot holes at the marked locations and install the anchors according to the manufacturer's instructions. Be sure that the anchor size is suitable for the selected fastener prior to the installation.

4. A patching/leveling compound can be used to eliminate inconsistencies in the floor and anchoring leg if required. Please refer to the patching/leveling compound manufacturer's installation instructions.

5. Install resilient covering according to the manufacturer's installation instructions, with recommended edge spacing. Be sure to cut the adjacent covering accordingly to fit within the pocket of the profile.

6. When installing with adhesives or grouting materials, remove any residue from the visible surface of the profile quickly.

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Are screws included with the VINPRO profiles?


Screws are not included with the profiles. #6 / M3.5 screws are recommended ...

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Is KERDI-FIX a suitable adhesive to glue down the VINPRO profiles?


KERDI-FIX is our recommended adhesive for installing VINPRO profiles ...

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Is a leveling patch required to feather out the anchoring leg to prevent telegraphing through to the top surface of the vinyl flooring?


No, the anchoring leg for VINPRO is designed with this issue in mind...

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What finishes are the VINPRO profiles available in?


How can I choose the best profile height for my resilient covering?


We recommend choosing the profile height that is up to a 0.5 mm greater than the coverings thickness ...

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