Exterior Application - Residential

with Schluter-DITRA, Schluter-KERDI-BAND, Schluter-TROBA, and Schluter-DILEX

Tile has wonderful aesthetic benefits, and is low-maintenance, durable, and long-lasting, all of which make it an ideal surface covering for exterior applications.  To ensure success, however, one must address the three primary environmental stresses that make tiling in the exterior challenging:  thermal stress, moisture exposure, and freeze/thaw cycling.

Schluter-DITRA's uncoupling feature protects tile installations from cracking in both interior and exterior applications.  The unique geometric configuration of the membrane provides a forgiving shear interface that allows both the tile layer and the substrate to move independently, thus preventing differential movement stresses that would otherwise result from temperature gradients within the assembly.

DITRA is made with an impervious plastic, which, when combined with Schluter-KERDI-BAND over the seams in the membrane and at floor/wall transitions, is ideal for exterior applications, as it protects moisture-sensitive substrates and prevents the potential for freeze/thaw damage below the tile layer.

Movement joints such as the Schluter-DILEX-BWS are essential within large tiled surfaces, at doorsills, and at transitions to walls and other restraining structures to allow movement and thus reduce stress buildup.

In addition, Schluter-TROBA is valuable in certain exterior tile applications as a sub-surface drainage system over horizontal waterproofing layers.

More detailed information can be viewed in the exterior assembly section