Waterproofing, Uncoupling, and Drainage Membranes


Schluter-DITRA-XL is the latest innovation in uncoupling membranes.  DITRA-XL provides the same four essential functions as Schluter-DITRA (uncoupling, waterproofing, vapor management, and support/load distribution), but is 5/16" (7 mm) thick, allowing for even transitions between ceramic tile and 3/4" (19 mm) -thick hardwood flooring and ceramic tile application on single-layer wood subfloors on joists spaced at 24" (610 mm) o.c.

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Schluter-DITRA is a polyethylene mat with square, dovetailed recesses and an anchoring fleece laminated to the underside. In conjunction with tiled coverings, Schluter-DITRA forms an uncoupling, waterproofing, and vapor pressure equalization layer.

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Schluter-DITRA-DRAIN is a drainage membrane designed for use within thin-bed ceramic and stone tile assemblies in exterior applications. DITRA-DRAIN is typically installed over the Schluter-KERDI bonded waterproofing membrane. If the substrate does not require a waterproofing assembly (e.g., drained mortar bed), DITRA-DRAIN may be adhered directly to the substrate.

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Schluter®-KERDI is a pliable, sheet-applied, bonded waterproof membrane and vapor retarder with limited crack-bridging capabilities. It is made of soft polyethylene, which is covered on both sides with a special fleece webbing.

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Schluter-TROBA is a cleavage and drainage layer for use above a horizontal waterproofing layer and below a screed or gravel layer. It consists of a pressure-stable polyethylene sheet with perforated studs for reliable drainage. Tile applications above screeds require the installation of Schluter-DITRA as an uncoupling and waterproofing membrane.

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Schluter-TROBA-PLUS is a durable and reliable sub-surface drainage system that prevents the possibility of capillary action. The closely positioned, cone-shaped studs can withstand heavy loads and are covered by a water permeable, fleece webbing. The studded mat raises the entire surface assembly, creating a continuous drainage area.

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