Tile Tub Surround

Create beautiful tiled tub surrounds that are waterproof!

Bathrooms are one of the primary focuses of today's building and remodeling projects.  Ceramic and stone tile remain the premium option for tub surrounds.

Consider the Benefits

Tiled tub and shower surrounds are ideal for both new and remodeled bathrooms. They offer beauty, durability, and a wide range of design options that fiberglass units can't match.  A plethora of tile patterns, colors, shapes, and sizes allows matching to bathroom fixtures and decorative elements, providing limitless design possibilities and turning mere bathrooms into luxurious retreats.

Contrary to popular belief, tile and grout joints (even sealed grout joints) are not waterproof, and a caulk or sealant joint alone between the tile and the tub will not ensure an overall waterproof assembly.  It is essential to provide a waterproofing system beneath the tile to prevent moisture and vapor from penetrating the walls and consequently increasing the potential for mold and damage to the structure.

Schluter Systems offers a complete and easy-to-install waterproofing system for maintenance-free tiled tub surrounds.  The system ensures success by eliminating the risk of failures due to moisture and vapor penetration.  The end result is a tiled tub surround that will last a lifetime.

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