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Prefabricated Benches Improve Shower Construction

Add a bench to a shower and suddenly it’s so much more like a home spa.  Benches add an element of luxury and comfort to tiled showers, but they take time to build and can be challenging to construct properly.

Schluter-Systems has developed six pre-formed benches to make it much easier to include a quality seating area in any tiled shower.  Made with the same expanded polystyrene as the popular Schluter shower curbs and trays, the benches are lightweight, stable and load bearing.

The top surface of each bench is gently sloped to allow water to drain off of the bench and prevent potentially damaging moisture accumulation.  The shower benches can be customized by cutting them to fit almost any shower design, or by joining different benches together as component parts of a larger design.

Triangular bench is available in size 16’’ W x 16’’ L x 20’’ H.
Rectangular benches are available in 5 different sizes.
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