Exterior Systems

Profiles and support solutions for exterior floor systems

Exterior Systems

Schluter®-Systems offers complete exterior assemblies, including edging profiles, to provide a neat appearance and protect the lateral edge of the screed. Schluter®-Systems’ fully integrated assemblies for balconies and terraces ensure proper water management for successful finished results.

Balcony Profiles

Used successfully in outdoor installations for millennia, ceramic and stone tile are the perfect surface coverings for exterior projects, such as terraces and balconies. Schluter®-BARA balcony profiles act as a finishing edge on exterior tile and stone installations in these exterior settings.

Paver Support System

Dreaming of revamping your outdoor space? With the Schluter®-TROBA-LEVEL paver support system, you can create your very own paved oasis! TROBA-LEVEL paver supports are designed to support tile pavers of different formats and thicknesses, compensate for uneven tile pavers, and create a flush installation of tile pavers of varying heights.