“In previous workshops we talked a lot about KERDI and DITRA, but in Part 2 we got a better look at the other applications and products.”

Jason Brown, Sales Rep

Innovation Workshop Part 2

This is a 2-day hands-on workshop

Once you have completed Part 1, you’re ready for Part 2!

In this advanced workshop, you’ll take the theory and product knowledge you learned in Part 1 and put it into practice. You’ll spend most of your time in our hands-on area collaborating with your peers.

Get ready to build one of our advanced bathroom modules:

  • A curbless shower with KERDI-LINE
  • KERDI-BOARD pony walls, suspended bench, and niche
  • Tiled floors with DITRA-XL and DITRA-HEAT
  •  Custom tub decks, countertops, vanities, and sink basins
  • Select profiles, secondary drains with adapter rings, and prefabricated benches

The goal of this workshop is to bring your product knowledge up to the next level by using a variety of Schluter® products in some common, yet challenging installations. See how our products integrate to create bathrooms, built to last a lifetime.

1 Comes Before 2! Remember to attend Innovation Workshop Part 1 before registering for Part 2!

You'll learn about:

  • Uncoupling principle with DITRA and DITRA-XL
  • The four functions of DITRA
  • General functions of profiles
  • How the integrated bonding flange is supported
  • The minimum overlap requirements when using KERDI
  • Suitable and unsuitable backings for KERDI
  • And so much more!

Overview of what is covered in Part 2

This class is for attendees who have completed Part 1 of the Innovation Workshop and have a solid understanding of the fundamentals. Part 2 covers more advanced applications, with 35% of the time in the classroom and 65% of the time in the hands-on or live demo area.

1. Floors

  • Review of the uncoupling principle
  • Service requirements
  • Substrate suitability
  • Sound control

2. Showers

  • Review of the principles of moisture management
  • Environmental classification
  • Substrate suitability
  • Glass tile limitations
  • Steam rooms
  • Universal design

3. Exterior Applications

  • Checklist to evaluate feasibility
  • Helpful documentation
  • Solutions

4. Sales Resources Presentation

5. Workshop demos & Hands-on

There are 4 different bathroom modules which incorporate multiple Schluter products, including:

  • KERDI-LINE drain
  • KERDI-BOARD stud mounted wall, waterproofed
  • KERDI-BOARD niche
  • KERDI membrane
  • Select profiles

Contacts to schedule a seminar:


Tel.: 1-800-472-4588 ext. 6131
Fax: 1-800-477-9783
e-mail: education@schluter.com