Workshops for Professionals

Schluter®-Systems offers a variety of workshops across North America that are designed for industry professionals. We are a solutions-based company, and our technical experts are eager to share all the best practices and innovative applications that can be achieved using Schluter® products.

It’s our philosophy and practice to support education and training on industry-approved ceramic and stone tile installation methods. We actively participate in the development of standards and specifications for ceramic tile installation through representation in industry organizations such as the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) in the United States and the Terrazzo, Tile, and Marble Association of Canada (TTMAC).

Our workshops are informative, engaging, and involve a combination of practical, theoretical, and demonstrative training. They are free to attend and provide an excellent venue to inspire and be inspired by other professionals of the trade!

Workshop Descriptions

  • Innovation Workshop: Part 1

    This is your introductory workshop to all things Schluter. See what the tile world looks like in an Orange hue.

  • Innovation Workshop: Part 2

    If you've completed Part 1, take the next step and join us for Innovation Workshop Part 2. Expand your knowledge of Schluter's solutions to include linear drain installations, heated floors, custom design elements and more!

  • Hometown Workshop

    Join us for a customized training event designed to serve the needs of your local market.

  • Partnering for Growth

    A Schluter workshop for the Elite Tile Installation Professional, this engaging event will demonstrate the many benefits of incorporating Schluter into your business model.

  • Retail One-Day Workshop

    This program is designed for distributor and dealer sales staff who require an overview of the Schluter product line and training to build a project materials list.