Sustainable Concepts and Continuing Efforts

Innovation and Sustainability At Schluter®-Systems, we're all about blending innovation with sustainability. We started by rethinking the built environment, making sure every product we offer is a durable solution that contributes to long-standing installations. Our sustainability journey is always evolving, keeping up with what our customers and communities need. Plus, we're constantly checking in on our progress to keep getting better. Pioneering Products: We've been leading the charge in redefining standards right from the start. Streamlined Tile Installation: Our focus isn't just on products; we're all about making tile installation easier and greener. Evolving Sustainability Roadmap: We're flexible and responsive, tweaking our sustainability strategy to meet changing needs. Regular Progress Check-ins: We're committed to constant improvement, checking in regularly on our sustainability efforts. Our commitment to corporate sustainability goes beyond a mere tagline—it's ingrained in our DNA. From responsible sourcing practices to ongoing global business practices audits, we're setting the gold standard. This commitment is not just a formality; it's integrated into the training for every new member joining the Schluter family. Sustainability is the cornerstone of our corporate culture, influencing every aspect of our operations and reflecting our dedication to environmental stewardship.

Why Now?

Schluter's diving into sustainability now because the world needs it. We're all about minimizing our impact, supporting communities, and empowering our team. It's not just a trend—it's a crucial step for a greener and better future, and we're all in.


What We’re Doing

We're not just about products – we're all about providing tile setters with durable, responsibly-produced solutions. Sustainability isn't just a goal for us; it's a standard we proudly uphold. Whether we're minimizing our carbon footprint or teaming up with like-minded partners, our commitment goes beyond products. We give our employees a key role in shaping our company and making a positive impact in communities worldwide.

  • Beyond Products: Our mission is to go beyond the usual and deliver sustainable, durable solutions that make a difference.
  • Operating Sustainable Facilities: Sustainability is a part of our daily routine across all our facilities worldwide.
  • Employee Empowerment: We actively empower our fantastic employees to contribute to positive change, both within our company and in the global communities we're a part of.

Beyond Products

At Schluter®-Systems, we're committed to delivering sustainable and durable solutions that go beyond the ordinary. Our focus on transparency ensures responsibly produced products, meeting evolving customer and community needs. Emphasizing the importance of sustainable materials in green builds, our products contribute to eco-conscious construction practices. With durability at the forefront, we reduce the need for frequent replacements, promoting long-term sustainability in every project.

  • Health Product Declarations (HPDs): We provide transparency through HPDs, disclosing health impacts of ingredients. Currently available for mortars and primers, with ongoing additions planned.
  • Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs): EPDs assess environmental impacts, including embodied carbon. We contribute to Industry Average EPD for Cement Mortar and offer specific EPDs for our products, expanding the collection in the future.
  • VOC Testing: SDS discloses total VOC content, with third-party emissions testing ensuring compliance with California's SCAQMD program. Ongoing efforts include obtaining up-to-date VOC testing reports.
  • Red List Free: Following the Living Building Challenge's Red List, products are formulated to be Red List Free. This designation will be highlighted on our website and marketing materials, with a continued expansion of Red List Free products.

Schluter®-Systems is proud to partner with Ecomedes, a key player in sustainable product procurement. This collaboration reinforces our commitment to transparency and environmental responsibility. We list our products on Ecomedes so architects and designers can easily find sustainable solutions. Together, we're shaping a more sustainable future in the construction industry.


Did you know?

Our KERDI and DITRA membranes are the first in the industry to receive EPDs.

Sustainable Facilities

Schluter®-Systems is deeply committed to sustainability across all its facilities, implementing various initiatives to minimize environmental impact and promote eco-friendly practices.

Montreal, QC:

  • Showcases sustainable building practices with green walls and a solar wall
  • Utilizes a 90 percent hot air recovery system for heating, enhancing energy efficiency
  • Encourages carpooling between Plattsburgh and Montreal offices, with electric vehicle charging stations
  • Has implemented radiant heated entrance ways, driveways, and walls for energy-efficient heating solutions

Plattsburgh, NY:

  • Has converted to energy-efficient LED lighting for reduced energy consumption
  • Provides infrastructure to encourage the use of electric vehicles among employees
  • Tracks, trains, and minimizes road salt and chemical usage to mitigate environmental impact
  • Utilizes eco-friendly cardboard containers for products, emphasizing recycling and reuse
  • Implements Zero Sort from Casella Waste Management for comprehensive recycling
  • Incorporates energy-efficient geothermal heating and cooling systems for sustainability

Reno, NV:

  • LEED® Gold Certification building
  • Strategically oriented office block and windows northward to reduce sun impact and lower HVAC load
  • Has installed two solar walls contributing supplemental heating during colder seasons at no additional cost
  • Water-saving fixtures installed in bathrooms to reduce overall water consumption by over 50%
  • Features a living green wall to absorb CO2, reduce noise, and enhance humidity levels

Employee Empowerment

At Schluter®-Systems, we prioritize the holistic well-being of our employees, extending our commitment beyond product excellence to foster a thriving community. Our initiatives actively involve employees in environmental stewardship, reflect our dedication to community and environmental sustainability, and ensure the health and well-being of our employees.

  • Adopt a Highway: Our employees actively engage in environmental stewardship by participating in highway cleanups
  • Virgin Pulse Global Challenge: Community unity is fostered through fitness programs, encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle among employees
  • Empower Health Wellness Program: Comprehensive wellness initiatives ensure the health and well-being of our employees, promoting a holistic approach to lifestyle

What’s Next

As we continue our journey towards sustainability at Schluter®-Systems, our commitment remains unwavering. In the future, we will focus on innovation and collaboration to create a greener, sustainable future. We are committed to growing and ensuring that every step we take leads towards this goal. Join us as we embark on this exciting path of progress and positive change.