Protective and finishing tile edge trim for floor and wall installations


Ceramic and stone tiles are ideal floor coverings due to their durability and aesthetic appeal. Schluter®-Systems offers an extensive line of finishing and edge-protection profiles in a variety of shapes, colors, patterns, and sizes that open the door to limitless design possibilities and provide attractive alternatives to trim pieces.

Schluter profiles protect tile edges from cracking and chipping, eliminate the need for caulking, and provide easy transitions between adjacent floor and wall coverings. Integrated within any field tile, Schluter profiles can add bold or subtle elements of design, while ensuring the integrity of your tile installation.

Profiles For Floors

Tiled floors are a popular choice among homeowners as they are extremely durable when installed properly and come in many different options and designs. A variety of floor profiles are available to create elegant transitions between same-height floor coverings, as well as profile options for sloped transitions to floor coverings at lower elevations. These profiles protect tile edges and create a smooth transition between surfaces. A wide variety of profiles for floors are available in a range of colors, sizes, shapes, materials and finishes to complement any design choice.

Profiles For Walls

From framing a kitchen backsplash to creating a unique accent wall, wall profiles combine superior edge-protection with endless design possibilities. Whether selected in a color to stand out or blend in, Schluter profiles provide unparalleled protection to exposed tile edges and offer a sleek finishing touch without the need for caulking. Available with accessories including end caps and corners, and in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and materials, wall profiles allow for the complete personalization of any tile installation.

Profiles For Countertops

Choosing to tile countertops provides increased practicality and durability. Resistant to high heat, staining, and scratching, tiled countertops are easy to clean and require virtually no maintenance. When created with large-format tiles, grout lines are minimal, creating a smooth, beautiful look. Schluter profiles maximize design possibilities while also protecting your tile. You can frame the entire countertop area, or you can use profiles to create an accent area. Using profiles around your sink eliminates the need for caulking and adds a superior finishing touch.

Profiles for Stairs

Stair-nosing profiles protect your tile edges from cracking, conceal the subassembly, and can also increase visibility and be installed with a slip-resistant wear to reduce slip hazards on stairs. Available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and finishes, these profiles are the perfect solution to add a decorative touch to both commercial and residential stair applications.

Cove-shaped Profiles

Cove-shaped profiles are most commonly used in wall-to-floor or wall-to-wall applications to create an easy-to-clean surface. A more practical and hygienic method to tackling corners, these profiles create a curved surface that prevents dirt build-up. Traditionally, the use of a sealant or caulk has been employed to treat such transitions, due to the lack of availability of ceramic trim pieces, meaning these joints must be maintained throughout the life of the installation. To achieve a clean and maintenance-free corner installation, Schluter®-DILEX cove-shaped profiles are the perfect choice, as they eliminate the need for caulk.

Movement Joint Profiles

An integral part of any tile assembly, movement joints are applied to doorsills and at transitions to walls, allowing movement of the assembly. This prevents any stress that can cause damage to the tile floor. Prefabricated movement joints from Schluter®-Systems not only protect tile edges, but they also prevent surface water penetration for a maintenance-free, permanent installation. The Schluter®-DILEX family of movement joints are the perfect solution for many different applications where any movement or stress is anticipated.