Shower In A Few Hours

During a bathroom renovation, it’s usually the shower that the homeowner needs finished as soon as possible – and for obvious reasons. But you can’t cut corners when it comes to waterproofing! Given that the average shower sees more water than the roof of the house, it’s crucial to have an effective moisture management system in place.

Why choose the Schluter Shower System?

That’s where the Schluter Shower System comes in. Specifically designed for tiled showers, its components work together to create a fully sealed assembly that protects the shower from mold, mildew, and leaks.

The Schluter Shower System is reliable and makes shower installation quicker than ever. Compared to traditional methods of installation, it saves time, is less labor-intensive, and allows you to be ready for tile installation in just a matter of hours – which is a huge time savings.

In fact, one person can do it in just a few hours!

- Prefabricated, ready-to-tile niches, benches, and curbs eliminate the need for framing and sheathing
- Sloped shower trays eliminate the need for a traditional mortar bed, with no wait time for curing
- The KERDI waterproofing membrane and accessories seal the entire shower enclosure and are quick and simple to install
- All materials are lightweight and easy to handle and transport

When it comes in shower installation, time is money.

Increase your productivity and use a system that is not only quick, lightweight, and simple to install, but one that can reliably ensure a waterproof and vapor tight shower assembly, each and every time.

Discover the waterproofing products seen in the video:



Bonded waterproofing and vapor-retardant membrane



Prefabricated sloped shower tray



Prefabricated waterproof shower bench



Prefabricated waterproof shower curb