Heated floor with adjacent surface of lower height with a plywood substrate

Heated tile floors are the ultimate in beauty, durability and luxury. However the frequent fluctuations in temperature leads to increased expansion and contraction, creating greater movement stresses in the tile covering and increasing the need for uncoupling.

The DITRA-HEAT membrane provides an uncoupling layer below the tile which neutralizes movement stresses and prevents cracked tiles and grout. The DITRA-HEAT-HK heating cables can be snapped into place, with no clips or fasteners required. The entire tile floor can be heated, or cables can be placed to create customized heating zones. Cables are held securely within the DITRA-HEAT mat, so no self-leveling compounds are needed to encapsulate the heating cables. Control your floor heating system with the programmable Wi-Fi thermostat, DITRA-HEAT-E-WiFi.

This template also features the RENO-TK reducer profile for use at transitions to adjacent coverings of lower height to finish exposed tile edges, and prevent them from chipping. The RENO-TK profile features a channel below the sloped section to hide cut edges of the adjoining covering. For large surface areas, movement joints should also be incorporated. The DILEX-BWS movement joint profile features a 3/16" (5 mm) -wide soft movement zone that absorbs movement, while providing a discreet visible surface that blends in to the grout pattern.

All the products on this template can be configured in terms of size, finish, and quantity to suit your application. Take a look at the product list and get started!

Products used in this project




Uncoupling membrane for DITRA-HEAT-E-HK electric floor heating cables



Electric radiant floor heating cables used with DITRA-HEAT membrane



Programmable Wi-Fi thermostat for the DITRA-HEAT system



Edge-protection profile with minimum reveal for sloped transitions

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