Introduced in 1987, DITRA provides the 4 essential functions that ensure the durability of tiled floors: uncoupling, waterproofing, load support, and vapor management. A convenient alternative to cement backer board or plywood and OSB, DITRA is thin, lightweight, and quick and easy to install.

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The Original. Now Even Better.

Today, DITRA continues to provide the same proven performance and makes the lives of tile installers even easier with new features that deliver enhanced workability:

Easy Cut

Cutting grooves provide a guide for straight and precise cuts.

Easy Fill

Air release vents at the corners allow for faster filling of the membrane with fewer trowel passes.

Increased Membrane Flexibility

Enhances workability and reduces membrane memory - lays perfectly flat.

Enhanced Cutback Cavities

For an even stronger anchoring of the tile.

The DITRA Installation Handbook

For complete installation details, specifications, and warranty criteria; download the DITRA Installation Handbook.


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