New Grate Designs that Fit your STYLE!

• Floral, Curve, and Pure designs available for KERDI-DRAIN and KERDI-LINE

• Solid stainless steel with elegant brushed finish

• Thin, discreet frame

• Adjustable to fit all common tile thicknesses

 • KERDI-LINE-STYLE available lengths ranging from 20” to 48” (50 cm to 120 cm)


This curvaceous drain grate style really strikes a pose in the shower. Soft, rounded lines adorn this shower grate to add a touch of flare, while keeping a crisp and clean look.


This floral drain grate features soft, rounded petals that combine to create a harmonious and symmetrical pattern. Inspired right from nature, this grate truly blossoms in the shower.


This grate features a clean yet elegant design that provides a subtle touch of style to the shower. This grate is fresh yet trendy, and ideal for those wanting a more refined look in the shower.