Schluter®-Systems e-Learning Courses

In line with our dedication to education, Schluter®-Systems is pleased to offer you a selection of e-Learning courses.

E-Learning is an effective educational platform that allows you to learn at your own pace, from anywhere, at any time.

Be sure to check back with us regularly for any updates to our course selection!

  • Shower System - Waterproofing Tiled Showers

    Moisture management is essential to building tiled showers that are both beautiful and durable. In this e-Learning course, you will examine the differences between a sealed system and a traditional system, and see how a shower assembly can contain water in both liquid and vapor forms to ensure that it is not adversely affected by moisture.

    6 min
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    Topics covered in this course:

    • Managing moisture in water and vapor forms
    • Quantity of water in the average shower
    • Drawbacks of typical building materials used in shower installations
    • The four factors of mold growth and how mold can be managed
    • The traditional shower system
    • The sealed shower system and its advantages
  • Shower System - Profiles for Showers

    Incorporating profiles in your shower applications allows you to finish exposed tile edges so they are not prone to cracking and chipping. In this e-Learning course, you will be introduced to Schluter profiles that are ideal for the shower, and provided with an overview of required installation steps for these types of profiles. Plus, discover the benefits of inside and outside profiles and how they can fit into your next shower installation.

    6 min
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    Topics covered in this course:

    • Outside corner profiles: finishing and protecting tile edges
    • Inside corner profiles: creating clean looking and easy-to-maintain inside corners
    • Features and functions of Schluter profiles
    • Selecting profile shapes, finishes, and sizes
    • Installation overview
  • The Schluter®-Shower System

    In this e-Learning course you will be introduced to the complete line of shower products used to create sealed, waterproof showers installations. You will take an in-depth look at how the Schluter®-Shower System provides a bonding surface at the top of the shower assembly to ensure that the shower base and walls remain completely protected from moisture penetration.

    13 min
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    Topics covered in this course:

    • The traditional approach to building showers, associated challenges and common mistakes
    • How the Schluter®-Shower System provides superior moisture management compared to the traditional approach
    • Components of The Schluter®-Shower System including prefabricated components
    • Shower profiles introduction
    • Installing The Schluter®-Shower System – available resources
    • Ordering The Schluter®-Shower System

    The goal of this e-Learning course is to introduce you to KERDI-LINE, an elegant low-profile linear drain. The course explores the features and benefits that make this drain unique, and demonstrates its various components. Delve into how to install the drain, and get the details on how to order KERDI-LINE for your next project.

    55 min
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    Topics covered in this course:


    • The main features and benefits of KERDI-LINE
    • Shower System components for KERDI-LINE
    • Installation videos:
      • KERDI-LINE with the KERDI-SHOWER-LS shower base
      • No access plumbing demonstration with KERDI-LINE
      • KERDI-LINE grate assembly and SHOWERPROFILE-S/-R system profiles
      • KERDI-LINE tileable covering support
      • How to perform a water test
    • Ordering steps

    This e-Learning course is designed to give you a complete overview of the Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT electric floor warming system with integrated uncoupling technology.

    30 min
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    Topics covered in this course:


    • The main features, benefits, and unique selling points of DITRA-HEAT
    • How the principle of uncoupling is essential to successful tile installations
    • DITRA-HEAT system components
    • Installing DITRA-HEAT:
      • Project planning and preparation
      • DITRA-HEAT membrane installation
      • Heating cable and floor temperature sensor information
      • Waterproofing & tile installation
      • Thermostat installation
    • Approved substrates for DITRA-HEAT
  • Testing the Heating Cable with a Megohmmeter

    This interactive e-Learning tool walks you through the cable testing process using a virtual megohmmeter. Practice and learn how to perform each cable test using a simple step-by-step approach.

    6 min
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    Topics covered in this course:

    Learn how to perform the following heating cable tests using an AEMC Megohmmeter (Model 6527):

    • Conductor resistance
    • Conductor / Ground braid continuity
    • Insulation resistance
    • Floor temperature sensor